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Packaging that is designed for YOUR company!

While most roundabout packaging machines are in a price range that only large companies can afford and the return is doubtful even there, this newly designed EcoRing knows the same in a  much smaller price range. The machine is capable of packing boxes, tires and other products. It can even be built into a production line.

Brand new and simple packaging technology that provides instant help at an affordable price!

EcoRing is an excellent circular stretch wrapping machine that protects the packaged goods and ensures that they reach the consignee undamaged!
It will make the preparation of deliveries faster and more efficient.
Thanks to this new technology, stretch film packaging becomes more economical and aesthetic.
Because of to the motorized packaging, the operator is able to pack the shipments with minimal effort and quickly.
ECORING - körpályás csomagológép
ECORING - körpályás csomagológép
ECORING - körpályás csomagológép kiegészítőkkel
ECORING - körpályás csomagológép pedál
ECORING - körpályás csomagológép kiegészítőkkel
ECORING - körpályás csomagológép kiegészítőkkel

Main benefits:

  • Fast packaging, down to 15 seconds!
  • Circular system with two types of circular diameters: 1050 mm; 1400 mm
  • Roller track as an option for packing long items
  • ​Stepless foil tensioning
  • ​Quick and easy foil replacement
  • ​With EcoFoil environmentally friendly foil

This is how our customers use EcoRing:

ECORING - körpályás csomagológép
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